SHS Annual Alumni Breakfast Is Once Again a Success

SHS Annual Alumni Breakfast Photo Gallery

On November 27, 2019, Sparta High School held its Annual Alumni Breakfast.  Dating back to 2012, each year this event provides current seniors with the ability to listen and interact with a panel of alumni that currently attend college. By answering a variety of questions that are relevant to current seniors who are ending one journey to begin a new one, alumni provide insight current seniors might not otherwise receive

Each year this annual event is successful because of the collaboration and efforts of the Sparta High School Guidance Department and the Sparta High School Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO). Through their partnership, every component, from the diverse panel of alumni that are selected, the questions the panel will answer, the breakfast to be served, to the seniors attending, comes together seamlessly to make this event a worthwhile success year end and year out.

When one organizer was asked what their favorite moment of the event was, their reply was hearing how successful their graduates have become and seeing them give back to their peers and Sparta High School.  Another organizer stated that their hope was that the seniors attending the event would walk away with confidence that everything will fall into place and to be filled with excitement as they pursue their next steps.

Based on feedback from seniors in attendance, the goal  of this event were achieved. One student stated they chose to attend this event because they were interested in hearing first hand about the life they will embark upon soon; what they are going through right now, , how they dealt with it, and how they adapted to college life.  One student stated that after the event they felt more secure in knowing that one can get through the transition, that it is important to be flexible, and that just because you may start at one school does not mean you cannot move to another school if the ‘fit’ is not what it should be.

It is with great thanks to the work of SHS Guidance Department and SHS PTSO, along with the outstanding support of Sparta High School Alumni, that the 2019-20 Annual Alumni Breakfast was a success and everyone involved is looking forward to 2020-21.