Fundraising Overview

  • Fundraising is an important aspect of many of our sports, clubs, and activities. It is defined as any time monies or items are collected, whether it is for an event, a donation/direct appeal or to purchase a product. The school district must oversee school-sponsored fundraising events and all funds raised must be collected and processed through the school where the fundraiser is being held. All fundraising activities must be approved before requesting purchase orders or scheduling/advertising the fundraising activity. This pertains to all fundraisers (large or small) even if it is done every year.

    The Fundraising Form must be completed for fundraising activities two weeks in advance of the fundraiser date.  Please submit (email) the form and any supporting documents to the appropriate school's Main Office secretaries for AES, MAS, HMS, and SMS.  For SHS, please email the form and any supporting documents to

Fundraising Forms