Registration Forms and Information

  • Welcome to Sparta Township School District!  The District is comprised of three elementary schools:

    • Alpine Elementary School (Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 2)
    • Mohawk Avenue School (Grade 3)
    • Helen Morgan School (Grade 4 to Grade 5)

    In order to register a child for the appropriate school, the registration process must be completed as outlined on this page.  In addition, the forms on this page must also be completed.

Registration Process

  • Before beginning the Registration Process, parent(s)/guardian(s) will have to finalize registration(s) at the school(s) where their child(ren) will attend.  The steps are as follows:

    1. Print out and complete each form within the Registration Packet section. 
    2. Contact the school registrar(s) where your child(ren) will be attending to schedule the registration appointment(s). 
    3. On the day of the registration appointment(s), bring the following:
      • Child's original birth certificate
      • Immunization records 
      • Proof of residency as stated in the forms
      • Report card and/or transcript
      • Special services information (i.e. copy of IEP or I&RS/504 plan)
      • All completed forms
    4. Note: Incoming high school students must take placement exams. An appointment will be scheduled with a counselor once exams are completed. 

    School Registrars Contact Information

    Alpine Elementary School
    Jennifer Sullivan
    973.729.3107 x5504

    Mohawk Avenue School
    Leah Valtin
    973.729.1289 x6418

    Helen Morgan School
    Julie Tantillo
    973-729-5770 x4410

    Sparta Middle School
    Kathleen Cassidy

    Sparta High School
    Cheryl Adubato
    973.729.5150 x2222

Sparta Twp. Public Schools Pre-Registration Information