• The Sparta Township School District’s Information Technology Department serves to provide our students with opportunities to learn with technology.

    The Technology Department is divided into two different sections that handle the helpdesk tickets within the district and the professional instruction for the teachers and students. Both have immense effects on the way the district sees and uses their tools. As classrooms continue to be more fortified with instructional technology the faculty depends on, their up-time is crucial to the instruction time the staff has with their students. Also, as the level of the education technology’s availability increases, educators and students must be given the correct guidance and instruction on how to make positive and instructional use of them.

    We are comprised of 9 full-time staff members who are dedicated to the education of the Sparta Township students. The Technology Department members are fully trained and dynamically keep abreast of current educational technology trends, knowledge and products. We service all of the buildings of the district and maintain, implement and secure communications and data at all locations for all students and faculty.

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