Nurse Biography

  • Nurse Katie earned her BSN from the University of Maine and her CSN from New Jersey City University. Before becoming a school nurse Mrs. Mccrossan was an ICU nurse for 7 years. She lives in Sparta with her family.

    Nurse Kelli earned her BSN from William Paterson University and her CSN from New Jersey City University. Kelli has previously worked in another district as a school nurse. Before becoming a school nurse, Kelli was an operating room nurse for 10 years for Atlantic Health System. She lives in Sparta with her family.

Health Office Information

    • If your child is home with a fever over 100 degrees, has been vomiting or having diarrhea they should be kept home until they are 24 hours free of their fever or illness.
    • If your child has had an injury or illness that requires them not to take gym or go outside for recess, please have a note sent in from their physician explaining the reason and duration
    • If your child has had a change in their medical status, received recent immunizations, or had recent surgery please inform the nurse's office.
    • When sending in notes or paperwork please make sure your child's full name is on the form.
    • Due to increasing number of students with food allergies, (especially to peanuts and tree nuts) we ask you not to send in any peanut or nut products for your child's snack. They are allowed to eat a peanut/nut product for lunch but will be asked to wash their hands once finished eating. 
    • Please read all food labels thoroughly to insure they do not contain any peanut or nut products.

Contact Information