• The Arts are a unique way of achieving self-growth, self-knowledge,  enjoyment and a source of fundamental life values/skills. Sparta Township Public Schools K-12 Fine and Performing Arts Department engages students in a creative learning environment where they explore, create  and develop the skills that prepare them for expressive communication, creative careers and cultural understanding as global citizens.

    Participation in the Fine and Performing Arts supports the artistic and creative potential of our students - a process in a rapidly changing society where these skills are essential for success.  Additionally, participation in the Arts strengthens an individual's ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively, while still promoting independent thinking. Students are encouraged to communicate by employing the elements and principles of the Arts.  These skills and qualities will prepare our students to pursue further educational goals and allow them to contribute to the life and well being of society as a whole.

    We believe that all students can/will:

    • Demonstrate an appreciation for the creative thought process;
    • Utilize the arts to strengthen the ability to creatively problem solve;
    • Enhance technical and divergent thinking skills in a global manner using a variety of mediums;
    • Strengthen their ability to demonstrate self expression while finding identity;
    • Appreciate another culture and/or its influences throughout history;
    • Develop the ability to endure - students will build endurance, performance, reflection, grit, and acceptance of constructive criticism geared toward improvement;
    • Be interpretive - learning to use their intellect at an abstract level;
    • Students will develop the ability to analyze and interpret works of art using a systematic and technical manner.
    • Be risk-takers;
    • Foster self reflections that build constructive opinions;
    • Will develop the ability to self assess understanding and performance of work and apply this process to not only the Arts, but all genres of life.
    • Take part in an experience that is a culmination of education from K-12.

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