French Honor Society

  • The French Honor Society (La Société Honoraire de Français) is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. 

    The Sparta High School chapter provides a vehicle to focus on activities around the French language and Francophone literature and cultures. In addition, students can acquire leadership skills by serving as officers, directing the induction ceremony, or leading other chapter events.

    Students in the Sparta chapter of the SHF/FHS are required to be available to tutor lower-grade students. Also, SHF/FHS inductees are required to complete community service, such as participation in the elementary school tutoring program. Participation in the induction ceremony is mandatory for the current members and the inductees.

    Requirements for admission:
    1. The student shall have a cumulative average of 3.0.
    2. He/she shall maintain a 3.75 average in the language.
    3. He/she shall have completed at least one and one-half years of language study at high school or equivalent and be enrolled in Level III, IV, or V.
    4. He/she must demonstrate understanding and compliance with the school’s disciplinary policies (no truancy, cuts, or more than one grade of "U" per marking period).

    In order to retain membership, the Society member must:
         a) be enrolled in the foreign language classes offered;
         b) maintain all academic, disciplinary, and service requirements;
         c) be available to serve as a peer tutor/student teacher;
         d) participate in community service activities and events organized by the French Honor Society.

    Membership will be revoked for failure to maintain the requirements. These requirements are identical for all World Language Honor Societies at Sparta High School.

     Motto of the SHF: "Avoir une autre langue, c’est posséder une deuxième âme."


  • Date: Twice a month
    Time: Lunch periods A & B
    Location: Room 209

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