General Information and Requirements

  • Athlete Participation Requirements for Athletics at Sparta High School

    • Have on file the state mandated medical and consent forms. (See "Athletic Participation Packet" under the Physical Information and Forms section).

    Eligibility Requirements According to the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association rules (NJSIAA)

    • Any student 19 years of age prior to September 1 is not eligible.
    • Must pass 15 credits for the first semester and 30 credits at end of the school year.
      • These credit requirements are state mandated. 
      • Any athlete who has not passed the required amount of credits per semester, will not be eligible to participate on any athletic team. 
      • They may become eligible following the subsequent semester providing they have passed 15 or 30 credits respectively. 

    Sparta High School Academic Policy

    • 1.8 grade point average and not more than one unsatisfactory mark ("U") in conduct must be maintained for each marking period.
      • Failure to meet the academic and conduct requirements for any given marking period will result in the student being placed on probation for the following marking period.
      • If the student does not meet the requirements at the end of the probationary marking period, the student will be immediately denied participation in any athletic activity for the ensuing marking period.
      • Eligibility to participate will be reinstated at the end of the non-participating marking period if academic and conduct standards are met.
      • Eligibility is determined by grades received in each of the marking periods and not the cumulative grade point average.
    • Be responsible for the care and safe return of all school athletic equipment used; student will pay for lost equipment. 
    • Agree to obey all regulations pertaining to training rules established by the Athletic Department.
    • Hazing in any form is strictly forbidden and will be considered as a serious form of interpersonal disrespect.
    • Acknowledge the penalties for use and possession of tobacco, steroids, alcohol or any controlled or dangerous substance (NJAC 6:29-9.3) during your high school eligibility.
      • First Violation: Minimum 1 week suspension from activity or sport as recommended by substance awareness coordinator and school administration.
      • Second Violation: 30 days from activity or sport as recommended by substance awareness coordinator and school administration.
      • Subsequent Violations: Consequences to determined by the principal,Substance Awareness coordinator and Athletic Director. Counseling and/or evaluation must be implemented before returning to activity or sport.