SHS PSTO Information

  • To promote the general welfare of the students of Sparta High School and to facilitate communication between parents, students and the staff of the school.

    In order to achieve these purposes the PSTO shall:

    • Promote understanding of the objectives, aims, goals and educational philosophy of Sparta High School.
    • Encourage the strengthening of bonds among family, school and community.
    • Sponsor and coordinate programs, projects and fund raising activities as membership may deem appropriate.
    • Provide a forum for the presentation and exchange of ideas, interests and concerns of the members individually and collectively, and to provide a medium for the communication of such ideas, interests and concerns.
    • Provide Sparta High School with a formally constituted parent’s group which shall from time to time present membership opinion to the administration of the school.

    If you need to contact the PSTO, they have a designated mailbox in the Main Office of the high school, or you may call the Main Office for further assistance.



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