Overview of Graduation Requirements

  • For graduation, 130 credits must be earned with the following categorical requirements:
    • 4 Years of:
      • English
      • Physical Education/Health
    • 3 Years of:
      • Mathematics
      • Science
      • Social Studies
        • 1 Year of World History
        • 2 Years of United States History
    • 1 Year of:
      • World Languages
      • Visual and Performing Arts
      • Practical Arts/Career Education

    The State of New Jersey Department of Education has approved the following changes to the high school graduation requirements: 

    • Math15 credits including Algebra 1 or the content equivalent, Geometry or the content equivalent, and a third year of math that builds upon Algebra 1 and Geometry and prepares students for college and 21st century careers.
    • Science: 15 credits including laboratory biology/life science or the content equivalent, chemistry, environmental science or physics, and an additional lab/inquiry-based science.
    • Financial Literacy: 2.5 credits in financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial literacy.