Drop-off Procedure

  • Students are to be dropped off at the lower level by the gymnasium. Please follow the traffic around the front of the building to the morning drop-off point. No students should be dropped off in front of the building before 7:40 AM.

Drop-off Notification

  • Please be aware that no students are to be dropped off before 7:35 AM, unless instructed to do so by a teacher or club advisor. There are no adults on duty before this time and we do not want any students unsupervised in the building.  We do anticipate that some clubs and activities will begin before 7:35 AM. Once these programs get started, students may be dropped off at the aforementioned drop-off point.  Only students in these clubs and activities will be permitted in the building.


Pick-up Procedure

  • Afternoon pick-up will begin at 2:40 PM at the gym entrance in the lower lot. In an effort to keep our students safe, please follow the traffic around the building and follow the directions of the faculty members who are stationed along the traffic route. Please do not drive opposite the flow of traffic in front of or behind the building.