2020-2021 District SEL Kick Off for Choose Love!

Sparta Twp. Public Schools Social-Emotional Learning

  • 2021-2022 District Plan


    Our district will utilize a three-tiered model of providing social-emotional instruction and supports that increase in frequency, intensity, and duration based on the individual needs of all students aligned to the New Jersey SEL Competencies.


    SEL Tiers


    Tier 1 – Core SEL Instruction/Support




    All students will receive Tier 1 social- emotional instruction and support.

    • Social-emotional competencies are taught using the instructional framework resources by all staff members in addition to activities organized by the guidance counselors based on the monthly character traits. 

    Tier 1 supports are provided in the all classroom.


    Choose Love Program Information

    The elementary schools utilize resources from the Choose Love Program to deliver core SEL instruction aligned with the character education traits.

    We have identified the Choose Love Ambassadors below to serve as a resource to the school community, provide information about SEL to school stakeholders, and meet to review data and feedback regarding the program implementation for future planning.  The school ambassadors and district teacher ambassador will also provide implementation support to classroom teachers.

    Choose Love Ambassadors

    • District Administrator Ambassador
    • District Teacher Ambassador – Jennifer Caputo, Classroom Teacher
    • District Parent/Family Ambassador – Lauren Rossi, Sparta C3 SEL Workgroup Lead Person
    • Alpine School Ambassador – Heather Yanoff, Guidance Counselor
    • Mohawk Ave School Ambassador – Katheryne Szatkiewicz, Guidance Counselor
    • Helen Morgan School Ambassador – Toniann Labar, Guidance Counselor 


    Tier 2 – Targeted SEL Instruction/Support




    Students who are referred for more targeted support to meet their individual social-emotional needs. 

    • Tier 2 supports are provided in addition to Tier 1 supports. Tier 2 supports occur within small groups, such as lunch bunches or social skills groups with peers and are facilitated by guidance counselors or other counseling staff as deemed appropriate. 
    • In Grades K-5, character education mini lessons are provided by the guidance counselors using the Second Step Program.

    Tier 2 supports are provided in small group spaces identified by the guidance counselors outside of the classroom.


    Tier 3 – Intensive SEL Instruction/Support




    Students whose social-emotional needs created barriers to learning and/or social settings.

    • Tier 3 supports are provided in addition to Tier 1 and Tier 2, as determined by individual needs.  Students receive check-ins and/or counseling sessions with guidance counselors or identified counseling staff as deemed appropriate. 
    • In Grades 6-12, students may also receive individualized support through the school based mental health program based on a referral and eligibility process.

    Tier 3 support typically occurs within the building but may also be provided through other district special services programs such as the Align Wellness Program and outside of the school district in partnership with families and other agencies.