Sparta C3 Committee

  • Purpose of the Sparta C3 Committee
    Aligned to Domain #3 Health and Wellness in the district’s strategic plan Vision 2025, the district culture and climate committee assesses the climate in our schools to develop a common set of beliefs, expectations, and practices (a shared culture) that exist across the district to support the overall health and wellness of all students, staff members, and families.

    Our Goal
    The goal of the committee is to support the district’s core value for cultivating an educational environment that fosters the social-emotional well-being of all students, enabling every child to feel supported and valued.

    Our Mission
    Our mission is to foster a positive district culture that includes the following expectations:

    • A positive greeting for everyone who enters into our learning community to feel welcomed and supported
    • A personal connection with at least one adult for each student in our learning community
    • A system for prevention, identification and promoting the health and wellness needs of students and staff

    Areas of Focus

    • Social-Emotional Learning
    • Mental and Physical Health
    • Staff Wellness and Morale

    Role of Committee Members

    • Collect and analyze data for action planning
    • Gather feedback and provide input on beliefs and expectations
    • Make recommendations on policies and practices
    • Share information to and from stakeholders groups and school buildings

    Committee Structure

    • Diverse stakeholders
    • No hierarchy – equal stake
    • Committee facilitator
    • Work group with leads to promote shared leadership
    • Monthly meeting structure with group work time (1 hr.) and open forum (30 mins.)
    • Shared agenda setting for open forum items

    Committee Norms

    • Safe space to express thoughts, opinions and ideas (open-mind)
    • Open and honest communication without fear of judgment
    • Respect for time of others and timeliness
    • One voice at a time when sharing
    • Commitment to support the work of the committee in private and public
    • Put the interest of the majority above our personal interest