Mock Trial

  • Mock Trial has many benefits for the student population of the school.  Through Mock Trial, students are shown insight into the inner workings of a courtroom.  This is extremely important, especially since high school students must make a career choice and the experience may shape their decision.  The skills of public speaking, critical thinking, and persuasion are used on a constant basis.  The topics of the trial are real-world problems that require deep analysis and knowledge of the law system.  For instance, last year’s case is a civil dispute regarding a roller coaster accident, which is based off of a real-life Supreme Court case.  To conclude, Sparta would greatly benefit from implementing a Mock Trial.  Not only does it provide valuable skills used throughout a student’s lifetime, Mock Trial also allows students to form bonds and create a camaraderie that lasts the entire four years of high school.



    Date: Day 4
    Time: Lunch A
    Location: Room 208


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