Visitor Policy and Information

  • The safety and security of our students and staff members is a top priority for the Sparta Township School District.  We continually seek to improve school security in order to provide the highest level of protection.  Providing safe and secure facilities requires the cooperation of all persons who wish to have access to our schools.

    A major step forward in the area of security and safety is the implementation of a new visitor management system at each school.  The Raptor Visitor Management System is a state of the art software program linked to law enforcement that screens visitors who wish to gain access to our schools when they are in session.  While we encourage our parents to visit our schools with an appointment, we must balance the need for visitor access with our responsibility to protect children.

    The Raptor Visitor Management System requires visitors to present their driver's license when entering a public school building for screening purposes.  The secure computerized screening process provided by the Raptor system will consistently and reliably validate the identity of the visitor in the most effective and efficient way possible. Using the name and date of birth, the Raptor Visitor Management System checks the identity of the visitor against the Department of Justice database.  The purpose of this process is to grant clearance to persons entitled to enter a public school building and provide a layer of security that is required by law.

    A second module of the Raptor system monitors and protects student pickup and sign out.   A list of persons not permitted to have contact with a specific student is entered into the Raptor system.  When this information is in the database, the Raptor system will alert school officials not to release a student.  The system also provides a list of parents, guardians, and other persons authorized to pick up a specific student.

    If you wish to alert us about persons who are not authorized to pick up your child, or if a "no contact" court order is in place, you must supply the school with specific information.  Often a court order is required in this regard.  This information will then be entered into the Raptor system.

    The safety of your children requires us to take measures that were not in place even a few years ago.  This may appear to be an inconvenience for you but is necessary in contemporary times.  We thank you for your cooperation and understanding throughout the school year and hope that you support our efforts to make our schools more secure.


    Michael A. Rossi, Jr. Ph.D.

    Dr. Michael Rossi
    Superintendent of Schools