Registration Forms and Information

  • Welcome to Sparta Township School District!  The District is comprised of three elementary schools:

    • Alpine Elementary School (Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 2)
    • Mohawk Avenue School (Grade 3)
    • Helen Morgan School (Grade 4 through Grade 5)
    • Sparta Middle School (Grade 6 through Grade 8)
    • Sparta High School (Grade 9 through Grade 12)

    In order to register a child for the appropriate school, the registration process must be completed as outlined on this page.  In addition, the forms on this page must also be completed.

    Registration for the Alpine Elementary School PreK 3-year-old or PreK 4-year-old program for General Education Students is now closed effective May 4, 2021.

Sparta Twp. Public Schools Pre-Registration Information

Alpine Elementary School Registrar

Sparta Middle School Registrar

Mohawk Avenue School Registrar

Sparta High School Registrar

Helen Morgan School Registrar