Policies and Information

Health Records

  • As required by the New Jersey Department of Education, a health record is kept for each student, of which, results of all screenings and referrals are recorded on the health record.

Dispensing Medication

  • When it is necessary for a child to receive medication during the school day, the school will cooperate with the parent/guardian and physician/healthcare provider in these situations upon:

    • A written request, signed by the physician, dentist or healthcare provider which indicates the name of the student, diagnosis, medication, dosage, time of administration and date to be discontinued.
    • A written request signed by the parent/guardian authorizing the school nurse to dispense the medication as specified by the physician, dentist or healthcare provider.

    The medication, in its original container, must be delivered directly to the school nurse or staff member by the parent/guardian or responsible adult.  No medication should be carried by a student.  The temptation to share with a friend or tamper with the medication in some way is a real danger.  Therefore, any medication found in a child's possession will be confiscated and returned to the parent/guardian.

    If a child needs to take over the counter medication, such as Tylenol, cold or cough syrups, etc., the school nurse must have written authorization from the physician, dentist or other healthcare provider and the parent/guardian.

Physical Education Excuses

  • All students with legitimate reasons may be excused from Physical Education for two consecutive days with a written note from a parent/guardian. Thereafter a doctor’s note is required.

Head Lice

  • For information regarding Head Lice, please click here.

Weight, Height, and Blood Pressure

  • Screenings for weight, height, and blood pressure checks are taken each year.


  • Based on New Jersey Statutes, scoliosis screenings every other year for all students ages 10 to 18 exist.  This examination may be done by a family physician or will be done by a trained faculty member.  Please note, a parent letter is required if you do not want your child screened.

Physical Examinations

  • Once every three years, it is recommended by The New Jersey Office of Health, Safety and Physical Education that all students be given a complete physical examination. It is also recommended that all such physical examinations be performed by the family physician as he/she is best qualified to evaluate the health status of the student because of prior association with the student and knowledge of the student.  

Tuberculin Testing

  • The school district will require tuberculin testing for all students that are transferring into the schools based on criteria that is determined annually by the New Jersey Tuberculosis Program.  The information regarding compliance with this testing is available from the school nurse.

Vision and Hearing Screening

  • Vision and hearing screenings are given to each student at intervals. These intervals are determined by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services.