One Team, One Purpose

  • Sparta Township Public Schools views public education as a continuum of instruction, programs, interventions and services that respond to individual student needs.  In the event that a child with a disability requires special education and related services, the district will provide the child with an individualized education program.  Progress monitoring is on-going to ensure the child has the supports necessary to make meaningful progress. Children will have the opportunity to interact with, and be educated with, children who do not have disabilities to the maximum extent appropriate.  Sparta Special Services recognizes the value of a home/school partnership and is committed to parent involvement for the purpose of our students.

Director of Special Services

  • Suzanne Olimpio is the Interim Director of Special Education and will serve in this role until June 30, 2020. Ms. Olimpio comes to the district with over 29 years of public school experience. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Villanova University, her Master’s Degree in Counseling from Rider University and holds a School Psychology certification. She has extensive experience as a Child Study Team member and a special education administrator. She recently retired as the Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Services from the Morris School District.

Supervisor of Special Education

  • Dr. Castorina began working in the Sparta School District in 2010 as a school social worker on the Child Study Team at both the middle school and elementary school levels.  Dr. Castorina holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology from Rutgers University, and a Master’s of Social Work degree from New York University, and she recently received her doctorate degree from Centenary University.

    Dr. Castorina has an extensive clinical background that includes working in the mental health field with adults, children, and families at Saint Clare’s Hospital.  She spent ten years working at the Park Lake School where she specialized in supporting students with autism.  Her work not only included helping students, but partnering with parents, siblings, and grandparents, as well.

    Collaboration is an integral part of Dr. Castorina’s work.  She values taking a team approach when it comes to the well-being of a student.  She embodies the whole student approach.  Supporting parents and understanding their needs helps her to foster a positive relationship in the school setting.  Dr. Castorina enjoys being a part of the supervisory team in the Sparta School District.

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