Our Mission

  • The Members of the New Jersey School Buildings and Grounds Association agree to:

    • Achieve excellence by promoting the Certified Educational Facility Manager Program. This program will elevate membership status through education and training, there by enabling the individual to better serve his or her School District.
    • Build for the future by cooperating with the State Department of Education in the development and implementation of Educational Facility Regulations and Standards.
    • Promote the State Department of Education Certification of our members as Educational Facility Managers.
    • Promote the general welfare of the association, and to maintain a high standard of Professional Ethics.
    • Support District Administrators in their effort to provide a Healthy, Safe, and Secure Facility conducive to the Educational needs of our children.
    • Promote a spirit of fellowship among chapter membership.
    • Promote a network of Facility Managers throughout the State of New Jersey, and across the country.
    • Continually strive to develop the most Cost Effective and Safe means to
      operate our Facilities.


Historical Information

  • The New Jersey School Buildings and Grounds Association has a membership of approximately 400 Facility Management Professionals. The Association was formed in Bergen County in 1952 and has extended throughout the State of New Jersey. Members of the Association are currently employed by Public and Private School Systems, and hold the positions of Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, Facility Managers and Director of Operations.

    An Educational Facility Manager is typically responsible for the following: Budget Development and Implementation, Long Range Planning, Capital Improvements, Preventative Maintenance and Housekeeping, Grounds Maintenance, Environmental Regulation Compliance, Health and Safety Code Compliance, State Department of Education Facility Code Compliance, Employee Training, Risk Assessment, PEOSHA and Regulation Compliance.


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