An Overview of 1:1 for Sparta Township School District

  • As technology continues to become an intregal part of society and embedded within the careers of tomorrow, Sparta Township School District's 1:1 initiative will provide students access to digital technology, enabling them to gain technology skillsets, manage their learning, and be competitive in their future endeavors.

    With the 1:1 Program students will have access to a device and the Internet for use at home and school:

    • Shifting supplemental use of computers for instruction to integration
    • Creating a ubiquitous, 24/7 access to resources
    • Supporting student learning
    • Enhancing communication with peers and teachers
    • Increasing fluency with the tools of the 21st century workplace

    In addition, this program will:

    • Increase collaboration and communication
    • Differentiate and individualize instruction
    • Connect to worldwide touchpoints
    • Bring current, relevant content into the workspace
    • Engage learners in 21st Century processes
    • Create a mobile teaching and learning atmosphere that is 24/7
    • Align us with the goals of our long range Strategic Plan