• The athletic program is an integral part of the total educational process at Sparta High School. Young people learn a great deal participating in interscholastic athletics. Determination, perseverance, sportsmanship and teamwork are some of the valuable lessons that can be attained through athletic participation. Athletics plays an important role in helping the individual student develop a positive self-concept as well as a healthy body. Athletic competition fosters school spirit and develops pride in the school and community for participants, students and spectators.

    Through athletics we seek to provide a wholesome form of physical activity for as many students as possible. We will make every effort to offer our student-athletes the best in equipment, facilities and coaching, in order to provide them with an enjoyable and rewarding athletic experience. While the reputation of our school and community is enhanced whenever its representatives excel, by far the greatest rewards and satisfactions are derived by those who actually participate on our athletic teams.

    We believe that the soul of our school can be reflected in what occurs before and after the normal academic day. This extension of the school day, whether it be in athletics, in the arts, or in clubs sets the tone for the school year. If we can keep students involved and concerned beyond the classroom, we are bound to have more positive effect on them in the classroom. We are aware of the tremendous obligations we have to the student-athletes in our care. Parents entrust their children to us and we shall always strive to earn their trust.

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    Attention Incoming Freshman (Class of 2021) and returning athletes:

    The NJSIAA (New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association) has issued a new "Preparticipation Physical Evaluation" form for the 2017-18 school year.  The packet consists 12 pages total, pages 1 & 2 (Health History) to be completed by parent/guardians and reviewed by the doctor, and pages 3 & 4 (Physical Examination Form) to be completed and signed off by doctor. The state now requires that all examining physicians have completed the Student-Athlete Cardiac Assessment Professional Development Module.  All other pages are for parent/guardian/athlete review and signatures.  Beginning immediately, anyone needing a new physical will be required to use this form.  All physicals are valid for 365 days however, any athlete participating in future seasons must complete a "Health History Questionnaire".   

    To obtain this and all other required paperwork, Please proceed to the "Physical Information and Forms" link to download all forms for athletics.    

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